EuClid Human Resources Software

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Why Use EuClid?

Find out how EuClid can benefit your business by exploring our sophisticated technologies

Access Anywhere

Available for all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet). Making simplify of job to access the data anywhere.

Low Cost

Saving time and expenses with integrated server infrastructure for easy hardware and software maintenances.

Great Reporting

Sophisticated data tracking and great reporting to explore complexity of enterprise resource information.

Unlimited System

Handle unlimited access of large-scale data with unlimited users authorization and approval workflow managements.

Hosted Applications

Hosted and powered from local or cloud infrastructure and accessed globally through the Internet. Its provide the same functionality as locally installed software but can be updated more easily.

Easy and Simple to Use

Web-based application are as easy to use as opening your web browser and going to a website from desktop or mobile.  EuClid also support Android mobile apps.

Single License Software

All of EuClid Infrastructure are open source, no need additional fee from third party license, just the license from EuClid.

Customize Add-ons

EuClid make it easy for you to customize or making new form/ report add-on.

EuClid HR Software

EuClid is one of the enterprise HRIS software available today. It also gives you the freedom to customize as many forms or reports as you like

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