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WIDYATECH is a vendor/ consultant of information technology founded and located in Indonesia which provides enterprise solution software - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) including Human Resources Management System (HRMS/HRIS), Human Resource (HR) Software, Financial Accounting (FIA), Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Project System (PS).

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Widyatech         EuClid System


WIDYATECH provides a wide range of services to help companies in maximizing their success through combinations of our expertise, methodologies, tools, world class experiences, and seriously research and development.

Find out how WIDYATECH services can benefit your business by exploring services strategies that address specific business needs.

Product & Services:


EuClid System: Human Resources Management

EuClid System is an integrated enterprise application built for managing Enterprise Resources Information System. This system is implemented using sophisticated technology and world class best practices to give solutions to the problems regarding management information system.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive ERP System Software
  • Integrated Information Technology - IT Solution
  • World Class Business Process Driven
  • Support Multi Companies and Multi Currencies
  • Executive Information System
  • Employee Self Services (ESS)
  • Manageable Authorization
  • Manageable Document and Approval Flow
  • Configurable System
  • Customizable Add-on
  • Client Server & Web-based Technology
  • Natively conform Indonesian Government Regulation (including: PPN/PPH 21 Tax Regulation, Time Management, and Benefit Management), another country regulation supported using system configuration

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